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In our fast-changing world, consumer behavior has shifted in all areas of life. Brands must prioritize personalization in their strategy to stay competitive. As a specialist, I aid organizations in enhancing their digital strategies by integrating innovative data and technology, streamlining marketing efforts, and improving the customer experience.

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Working alongside leading brands, agencies, and their teams, I provide a distinctive viewpoint to interpret their needs, strategize, and oversee the implementation of tailored solutions that improve their customer interactions. Specializing in optimizing engagement and enhancing user experience, I collaborate closely with clients to deliver customized solutions aligned with their brand and audience.

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As solutions grow, complexity increases. To ensure success, teams need a clear strategy: understanding the customer, planning, setting milestones, and having the right skills. In my role, I build and develop teams, fostering purpose and cultural change. I empower team members to pursue collective and individual goals with determination.



Bringing over a decade of management and technical expertise in agile environments, I orchestrate and deliver omni-channel solutions at the intersection of multi-disciplinary teams and methodologies across various production stages. These solutions elevate brands and provide organizations and their teams with seamless content and asset management capabilities, enhancing overall marketing initiatives.


With a solid technical background and extensive management experience, I've explored all facets of crafting successful digital experiences, understanding both technical and non-technical perspectives. Throughout my career, I've supported organizations in digital transformations, focusing on user-centric experiences. By providing strategic direction and technical expertise, I've consistently added value to brands, helping them stay competitive in their industries.

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Whether you're seeking to implement new solutions or have inquiries, I'm here to listen and offer support every step of the way.

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